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Metal-Free Dentistry: Pure Ceramic White Implants

Metal-free dentistry is growing trend in the dental industry. More and more patients are requesting alternative materials for restorative dental procedures that don’t include metal. This used to present a problem for dental implants, as the majority of them featured a titanium implant. Thanks to advances in modern technology, that’s no longer the case.

Dr. Khan is proud to now offer an additional reason to choose dental implant treatment over conventional missing tooth solutions: pure ceramic white implants. Made from pure ceramic, these implants are both natural looking and strong.

What Are Pure Ceramic White Implants?

bl_mnlyimaa-0eyA high-end esthetic solution, pure ceramic white implants have a natural-looking ivory color that makes them look more like a natural tooth. While you may think a ceramic implant wouldn’t be as strong as a titanium implant, pure ceramic white implants undergo a 100% proof test to ensure reliable implant strength. With a 97.6% success rate, they’re just as dependable as traditional titanium implants.

The Benefits of Pure Ceramic White Implants

So why would someone choose ceramic white implants instead of traditional titanium implants? It all depends on your priorities, but both are fantastic tooth loss solutions.


Here are some of the unique benefits pure ceramic white implants offer:

Better esthetics: If you have receding or thin gums, it can be difficult to hide the fact you have a titanium implant. With pure ceramic white implants, it looks like you have a natural tooth below the gum line, as they feature an ivory-colored material.
Metal-free: If you don’t want your missing tooth solution to have metal, pure ceramic white implants may be your best option.
Highly predictable: Key for successful treatment, pure ceramic white implants have a high predictability rate. Each implant must meet prerequisites for predictability, mechanical stability and osseointegration (fusing with the bone in your mouth).

If you’re interested in an alternative solution to titanium dental implants, pure ceramic white implants may be for you.

To learn more about them, schedule a consultation with Dr. Khan today!