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What Is Anti-Aging Dentistry?

Most benefits of general dentistry are straightforward—functional, white teeth allow you to speak, eat and smile confidently. But what if dentistry could improve your overall health and even preserve or improve a youthful appearance?

With anti-aging dentistry, it can.

An alternative wellness model, anti-aging dentistry helps detect, prevent and treat diseases and negative effects associated with aging.

According to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), “The disabilities associated with normal aging are caused by physiological dysfunction, which in many cases are ameliorable to medical treatment…” But with proper research, scientific principles and certain dental techniques, many of these disabilities can be prevented or treated to improve quality of life.

Anti-aging Dentistry

Anti-aging dentistry can take years off your appearance and keep you healthy with a vibrant smile. If you’d like to know more about anti-aging dentistry and how it can improve your quality of life, schedule a consultation with Dentistry for Health today by calling (402) 932-0282.

So how does anti-aging dentistry accomplish this? Here’s a few ways:

  • Rejuvenating the size, color and shape of your teeth: Our teeth naturally lose their function, whiteness and shape over time. Anti-aging dentistry helps reverse this process with a variety of techniques, from replacing metal fillings with white ones to crowns and dental implants.
  • Improving the overall shape of your face: Wrinkles, a narrowed jaw and angled teeth are just a few of the things that make people older. But anti-aging addresses these through methods like adjusting the jaw or bite to more closely resemble an overall youthful appearance.
  • Refreshing your appearance via eliminating pain: Craniofacial pain causes a lot of stress for your body and well-being. By using dental techniques to address the pain, it frees your mind, allowing you to focus and giving you a lively look.
  • Addressing any areas that pose a general health risk: The health of your teeth and mouth is directly related to the health of other areas of your body, like the brain and heart. By addressing negative dental effects associated with aging, it helps lower the risk of other aging disabilities.