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Dentistry For Health

Dentistry for Health is a practice unlike any other. Just as you are unique in your needs and desires, we are unique in our approach. Throughout our 20 plus years as a team, our practice has evolved and grown to a place of deeper understanding of the unique cosmetic needs and desires of a vast array of people; from simple to very complex problems. We take pride in our ability to listen, observe, and learn about each patient’s goals.

Our leader, Dr. Robin Khan, has many years of nursing and cosmetic dental experience, which has enabled her to understand the relationship of the mouth to the beauty, general health, and wellbeing of her patients.

In our practice we strive to find the root cause of a patient’s problem and beautify their smile. We often explain to our guest that tooth pathology usually has an underlying cause. Instead of patching a problem with a quick and unsustainable fix, we prefer to observe and understand any contributing problems—which may be associated with missing or discolored teeth.

We are a highly trained, experienced, and well-educated team of professionals with a special interest in teeth whitening, dental bonding, smile makeovers, and orthodontics. We also have vast experience in full mouth restoration and rehabilitation.

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Most importantly we are committed to you, our patient. We want to ensure that you and all of our patients, are cared for with the superior quality you deserve. Oh yeah, we also play awesome music and are even kinda fun to hang with!

Our Team

We love our fantastic dental team here at Dentistry For Health. Our team works well together and strives to ensure our patients are relaxed, comfortable, and are promptly attended to at their appointment. We are happy to answer questions and would love to see you at our dental office soon!

Meet Our Team
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Our Clinic Facilities and Amenities

At Dentistry For Health, a relaxed and fun vibe is combined with our stellar customer service to provide the best cosmetic dental experience for all of our patients.

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