TMJ Focused Dentistry

Airway Dentistry

Over the past 25 years of clinical practice in both nursing and dentistry, Dr. Khan's personal philosophy has evolved. With passionate observations of what creates health and wellness, and what contributes to oral pathology, her decisions in clinical practice have taken shape.

Clinically, people exhibit symptoms of clenching, grinding, hyper-acidity, increased wear and decay as well as periodontal and soft tissue inflammation when they have airway disturbances.

Airway disturbances can be caused from a variety of genetic and environmental factors.

woman clenching jaw in pain

Underdeveloped jaw bones, tongue or soft tissue obstructions or chronic nasal obstruction are a few of those factors. Our team has been practicing with this understanding for over a decade.

Evaluation of your airway

treatment room for evaluation

On your first visit, all our patients are given a questionnaire to assess any airway disturbances.

Our hygienists closely evaluate risk factors associated with airway and TMJ dysfunction.

Oral assessment

Examples of the oral assessment include noting Mallampati scores, vertical dimensions or limitations in opening, signs of wear and acid based inflammation, noise or deviations in joint function etc.


Systemic factors indicating metabolic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, anxiety, cardio-vascular diseases, hormonal disturbances, night-time urination and poor sleep are a few benchmark symptoms. Tooth wear, breakage and ecay rarely have a single cause. Contributing risk factors usually exist to cause tooth or gum tissue pathology.

Management using Airway focused Dentistry

Our management of any oral problem or condition is tailored to your needs and desires. We seek to educate all our patients on the importance of managing any possible contributing factors to ensure long term systemic and oral health.

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