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Patients with years of excessive wear to their teeth due to grinding, bruxing or acid reflux can negatively alter their vertical dimension of occlusion. This gives them a shorter look to their face and smile. A loss of vertical dimension or an over-closed bite can also lead to jaw problems and pain. It also can lead to continued destruction of the tooth structure by further wear.

By opening up a patient’s bite, it is possible to reclaim lost vertical dimension, and sometimes even remove unwanted wrinkles as well. Bite reclamation restores the youthful and healthy smile. It can also fix any TMJ pain problems caused by a poor bite. Other options may be a night guard to prevent further damage after your cosmetic bite reclamation procedure is completed to protect your teeth.

We are also pleased to offer services for complex oral and bite problems such as frenotomy, frenuloplasty and ankyloglossia treatment.

For more information on receiving a bite reclamation in Omaha, Nebraska, please contact Dentistry For Health at 402-932-0282 to schedule an appointment with our talented dentist!