Tooth discoloration can occur with age, which is why a bright and white smile is associated with youth and vitality. It is often perceived as a sign of vitality, happiness and health. Teeth whitening is not only the most common cosmetic dental procedure, but it is also the most economical way to enhance your smile.

We offer you the best options in teeth whitening procedures. In-office teeth whitening is the preferred whitening method by dental professionals. This method uses stronger agents than those that can be applied in over-the-counter systems, and it does so while protecting the gums and the rest of the mouth from these irritating whitening agents. These in-office agents are extremely effective and can brighten teeth in a single office visit. At Dentistry For Health, we offer the best whitening system available on the market.

If you maintain your health and are concerned about looking your best, then whitening your teeth can go a long way to improving your overall appearance. Teeth whitening can give you the youthful appearance you want!


Our Sapphire Supreme Plasma Arc Whitening and Curing Light can whiten teeth up to seven shades in 30 minutes, or 12 shades in 60 minutes. This in-office bleaching system provides the best bleaching results to our patients. It is sure to give you the boost you need for a whiter, brighter smile.

For follow-up, we recommend our take-home whitening system in order to maintain your brighter and whiter teeth. Tooth whitening can last for one or more years if you maintain proper home care, avoid smoking and staining agents and keep up on regular dental visits.

Take-home whitening is done with a set of bleaching trays, which are adapted to closely fit your teeth and reduce contact of the bleaching agents with the gums surrounding the teeth. These trays are made at our office by taking impressions of both upper and lower arches. The trays can be used daily to achieve the best bleaching results or worn weekly to maintain brightness following an in-office bleaching procedure. Our trained dental assistants will show you how to properly apply the product, and will go through instructions on how to use the trays to achieve the best results while reducing sensitivity.

Most post-bleaching sensitivity is caused by the bleaching agent contacting the patient’s gum tissue. However, studies have proven that less sensitivity can occur when the type of whitening procedure used is more specifically adapted to fitting the patient’s teeth as closely as possible. The take-home trays and in-office bleaching procedures that we offer are two of the most effective ways of bleaching your teeth while keeping dental sensitivity to a minimum. Over-the-counter bleaching products are a cheaper, but generally less effective, method of teeth whitening.

If you would like more information on our professional teeth whitening in Omaha, Nebraska, please contact our office at 402-932-0282 to schedule an appointment today!

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