Don’t Let Jaw Pain Ruin Your Daily Activities, Seek out Our TMJ Treatments!

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One of the services offered here at Dentistry For Health is TMJ dentistry to help patients with temporomandibular joint syndrome. This jaw joint disorder can cause jaw pain, headaches, malocclusion (a bite that is off) and other unpleasant symptoms. The joints in the jaw need to work together harmoniously to enable you to speak, bite, chew and yawn properly.
Patients with a TMJ disorder can find themselves with ringing or pain in the ears, dizziness, sensitivity to light, and even low back pain. Common signs of TMJ can include difficulty opening and closing the jaw, chewing, or hearing a clicking, popping or grinding noise when moving the jaw.

The bite can be knocked out of proper alignment from injury or trauma to the jaw or following a tooth extraction or a prolonged dental treatment holding the mouth open too long. This can lead to an altered, unstable bite causing your to constantly grind your teeth which in turn can cause extreme wear on tooth enamel and loss of vertical dimension (height). Our dentist, Dr. Robin Khan can reclaim this lost dimension through bite reclamation. This returns the tooth height to correct levels using dental crowns, dental implants, dentures or dental veneers.

In addition to bite reclamation, Dr. Khan uses her specialized background in neuromuscular dental treatment to stabilize the bite after conducting a thorough evaluation using state-of-the-art diagnostics. Treatments include oral appliance therapy such as ALF (advanced lightwire functional appliance) and Twin Block appliance, therapeutic Botox injections or trigger point injections. Other treatments might include cold laser therapy, ultrasound, exercises for the jaw, head, and neck, and customized orthotics (splints).

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