October is National Dental Hygiene Month: Brushing, Flossing and More!

Happy October, everyone! It’s one of the spookiest seasons of the year, and one of the scariest things we can think of is having problems with our teeth and gums. Since October is National Dental Hygiene Month, we want to promote a healthy mouth for everyone by acknowledging the importance... Read more »

Transform Your Life With Our Aesthetic Services for a Beautiful, Healthy, Hollywood Smile!

When it comes to facial aesthetics in Omaha, NE, our Dentistry For Health experts offer a variety of cosmetic dental services to transform your smile using a smile makeover. We offer many treatments that can improve the look of your teeth and gums for a younger-looking smile, including: Bite Reclamation:... Read more »

Don’t Let Jaw Pain Ruin Your Daily Activities, Seek out Our TMJ Treatments!

One of the services offered here at Dentistry For Health is TMJ dentistry to help patients with temporomandibular joint syndrome. This jaw joint disorder can cause jaw pain, headaches, malocclusion (a bite that is off) and other unpleasant symptoms. The joints in the jaw need to work together harmoniously to... Read more »

It’s National Gum Care Month!

September brings the month of National Gum Care, a time to raise awareness for healthy gums everywhere. No matter your age, you should always be striving for great oral care, and this doesn’t just mean your teeth. Your gums are just as important when it comes to maintaining a great... Read more »

How Do Dental Checkups Impact Your Oral Health?

We learn at a young age that brushing and flossing are vital to keeping your smile healthy. We need to continue these daily habits in our ongoing quest to maintain healthy smiles for strong teeth and gums. Seeing your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups at least twice a... Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Beautifully Restore Your Tooth

If you have recently learned that you have a badly broken, damaged, or infected tooth, our dentist may recommend having a dental crown placed. A crown or tooth-shaped “cap” is a fixed prosthetic cemented onto a tooth to restore its appearance, form and function as well as strengthen the tooth.... Read more »

What Happens When I Forget to Floss?

Our team strongly encourages everyone to floss daily, but do you ever wonder why? Well, flossing is vital for top-notch oral health and smiles. It can help you and your oral health in more ways than you might realize. This means that if you forget to floss, your smile can... Read more »

Enjoy Mother’s Day with a Healthy Smile

This is the month where we recognize our mothers for all their efforts and take the opportunity to thank them for all they have done, which may also include them teaching us how to brush and floss. As a mother, your oral health is important to both you and your... Read more »

Spring Into Summer With a Confident Smile

Spring has sprung, and summer is almost here! The sun shouldn’t be the only thing shining bright this season. Your smile is a great feature to show off to friends, family, coworkers, social media, a date and everyone else! Need help to show off your smile confidently? Our team can... Read more »

Transforming Your Mind and Soul With Dr. Khan

Dr. Robin Khan has dedicated her educational pursuits and professional endeavors to helping her patients, whether it's dental services, finding the main source of TMJ pain or treating sleep apnea. Her efforts in making people feel more comfortable in their everyday lives have also included students and staff at Creighton... Read more »