Dentistry for Health Pediatric Learning Lab

Learning Lab for kids

We are pleased to provide our pediatric learning lab for your children to learn everything about dentistry and to not be afraid. At Dentistry For Health, we want children to foster a healthy oral care routine and feel comfortable and safe when they visit.

Our goal is their dental health, as well as their emotional health. We want every child to discover for themselves their own unique potential, while they learn about dental health in an exciting and fun way.

Highlights of Using the Pediatric Learning Lab

We aim to ensure every child we see has optimal oral health, with as few cavities as possible. Our goal is to educate them on the importance of taking care of their teeth – so they last a lifetime.

pillar with drawings and scribbling by children

Here are some of the topics we cover to help them accomplish the goal of a healthy smile:

  • Education on cavity prevention, formation, and detection
  • Bacterial and inflammatory diseases, such as gum disease or periodontal disease
  • Causes of oral cancer and the prevention and detection
  • Skill-building that fits an individual approach for optimal dental health
  • Healthy foods for oral and complete health
  • Exploration of dental professions
  • Fun and interactive learning about forensic dentistry

Using the three models below, we can help kids explore self-care, health-related science, and dental careers.

child receiving teeth brushing lesson


By making teeth cleaning a fun activity, kids’ brushing and flossing is more effective, since knowledge is power. In the learning lab, children have the opportunity to work with a hygienist one-on-one, understand the choices of teeth cleanings supplies, such as the right toothbrushes, pastes, pics, and flossers, fluoride, and more.

Knowledge About Health Sciences

  1. Learn about gum disease or infection in the teeth and gums, periodontitis, carries, and more
  2. Discover the acids in certain beverages and foods that can affect your dental health, and how they can cause the erosion of tooth enamel, which leads to cavities
  3. Witness how sugar and plaque or bacteria can combine to eat away the enamel, and the importance of limiting sugar
  4. Study teeth, gums, and bone and the healthy verses unhealthy tooth structures that can lead to orthodontics, dental restorations, orthodontics, and tooth extractions.
  5. Realize the little changes that can make a difference in your oral and overall health
dental staff showing child a tablet

Exploring Dental Careers

Our little patients have the world at their feet and can be anything they desire, so why not dental professionals?

Learn about the variety of dental professions children can study, such as endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and oral surgeons.

Play with our dental art materials that allow an interactive lesson about what a dentist may use on a patient, such as with impressions or composite fillings.

Observe the dentist in action! Children can wear the white lab coat and mask and see procedures being performed by our dentists. Teens can enjoy an extended stay as they watch the dentist at work and see up close the care we provide to our patients.

Discover changes in normal dental health and diagnose dental conditions and disease, using our digitized photo library, along with dental instruments, periodontal probe, and our cavity detector.

Investigate forensic dentistry with our tooth models and X-rays, which help to match physical evidence with a member of our dental team.

For more information on our pediatric learning lab in Omaha, Nebraska, at Dentistry For Health, please contact us at 402-932-0282.

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