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At Dentistry For Health, we are committed to using the latest innovations in dental technology to improve your oral health. One of the developments we are most excited about is AIR-FLOW® therapy technology. This revolutionary device allows us to clean and polish your teeth while also providing a rejuvenating cleaning. To learn more or schedule an appointment with our dentist, please contact us today at 402-932-0282.

AIR-FLOW uses a unique air polished process to remove harmful biofilm from above and below the gum line. It utilizes glycine particles rather than traditional air polishing powders to provide a treatment that is more powerful and comfortable than typical air polishing.

Air polishing therapy is often recommended as part of your regular cleaning. It allows for more effective cavity detection and fluoride application, as well as other procedures like teeth whitening, bonding, and veneer placement. It can also help with:

  • Implant maintenance
  • Oral hygiene with braces
  • Light superficial stain removal

In addition to these benefits, AIR-FLOW can be a great choice for patients who simply want a faster or more comfortable cleaning experience. Patients often report superior results and reduced tooth sensitivity following treatment.

Dr. Robin Khan will determine whether AIR-FLOW therapy is the best treatment option for you during your initial consultation. Please contact our friendly team today to schedule your visit with our dentists in Omaha, Nebraska!