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At Dentistry For Health, we exclusively use tooth-colored, or “composite,” filling material to restore cavities or replace dental amalgams or silver fillings. These not only blend with your teeth’s natural color, they also provide an extended lifetime for your fillings.


The newer generation composites used today are far superior to dental amalgam in their ability to chemically and mechanically bond to the tooth structure. They use nanoparticles, while the older type of composite resin materials were comprised of macro or micro-filled particles. A nanoparticle structure leads to a better seal at the margin, and less leakage of the filling over time.

Our dentists offer the option to replace older silver-colored dental amalgam restorations with the newer, improved composite restorative materials available today. It has been known for some time that amalgam fillings release trace amounts of mercury vapor, especially with chewing, and that this mercury can be absorbed by the body. At Dentistry For Health, we replace these silver-looking or dental amalgam fillings with the utmost care when there are signs of leakage or breakdown, or when our patients simply want them replaced.

Our tooth-colored fillings in Omaha, Nebraska, are barely noticeable and long-lasting. Call us today at 402-932-0282 to discuss your restoration needs.