Holiday Foods That Are Good for Your Smile

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The holidays are upon us and there is a multitude of activities, gatherings, and celebrations to attend. Many of these involve being showered with sugary treats. But not all holiday foods have to be detrimental to your smile. In fact, we would like to share some ideas for you to keep in mind when you are surrounded by holiday fare.

Sugar doesn’t have to be the main thing on the menu when you are socializing with friends, family, or co-workers. One healthy, delicious option is choosing specialty cheeses. They are good for the taste buds and your pearly whites. Your tooth enamel is particularly vulnerable to attack from acids released by oral bacteria after consuming sugar-filled coffee, soda, and foods. Both the calcium in cheese and the dairy protein known as casein provide protection for tooth enamel.

Along with specialty cheeses, raw fruit and vegetables, called crudités, top the list for being food for your teeth. Chewing the fiber in raw vegetables increases saliva levels, which in turn neutralizes oral acids and washes away acid-causing bacteria. Try juicy apples, crisp carrots, and chewy celery.

Another powerhouse food that is good for the teeth by providing calcium and phosphorous is nuts—especially Brazil nuts, cashews, and almonds. Chewing nuts also stimulates saliva levels and remineralize tooth enamel.

We hope you can enjoy the foods that are good for your smile this holiday season. If you have any other questions or concerns for Dentistry For Health, please give us a call at 402-932-0282 today. Our dentists, Dr. Robin Khan and Dr. Michelle Falbo-McGowan in Omaha, Nebraska, look forward to helping you!