Support Your Smile With Oral Emergency Support

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Are you currently at risk for an oral emergency? An oral emergency typically arises if you have a dental problem that remains untreated. However, they can often arise as oral accidents and problems that can occur to anybody. If you feel that you are at an increased risk for an oral emergency, visit our office so that a comprehensive exam can be given.

If you ever have any chipped or broken teeth, it is important to wash out the debris in your mouth and stop bleeding as soon as possible. By applying gauze to the area, you can help minimize bleeding. However, if bleeding continues after ten minutes, you will want to visit a hospital or emergency room.

In situations where teeth are knocked completely out of your mouth, you may want to collect the tooth and place it in a liquid solution, so it can be inserted at a later time. Usually, for your best chance for a tooth to be properly reinserted, be sure to visit you our dentist within one hour of losing the tooth.

If you have lost a dental filling, cover up the whole tooth with dental cement. If you have a lost dental crown, you can apply a cotton swab doused in clove oil atop the vulnerable area until professional care from our dentist can be administered.
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