Your Smile Needs Your Attention This Festive Holiday Season

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The holidays are here and so are all the goodies that surround us. Sugarplums aren’t the only things dancing in our heads this time of year. While tempting, it’s hazardous for your oral health to throw caution to the wind and neglect your smile this busy season. While enjoying everything the holidays have to offer, be sure to attend to your smile as well. Here are some tips:

Dental Cleanings. If you still need to have your teeth cleaned to maximize your dental benefits, it’s not too late! Give your smile the gift of healthy teeth and gums. Not to mention fresher breath by getting rid of plaque and tartar.

Healthy Habits. Now is not the time to slack on your daily oral hygiene. In fact, the American Dental Association urges people to brush their chompers twice a day for two minutes. Using ADA approved products, including a fluoride toothpaste, can help safeguard your pearly whites.

What are you snacking on? Nibbling on sugary treats throughout the day is tempting this time of year. You are surrounded by goodies everywhere you go. But this can take a toll on your smile. Opt to snack on fresh vegetables and fruits like apples, carrots, and celery to help your smile thrive.

Safeguard your teeth and gums. A healthy smile includes sufficient saliva production. Saliva keeps your teeth and gums in a healthier state. So even though you might be tempted to grab sugary drinks to give you energy for all the demands of this season, water, particularly fluoridated tap water, will help keep your teeth clean and your breath fresher.

Sports guard protection. If you enjoy sports that involve potential impact or injury, wear protective gear, including a mouth guard to keep your teeth and oral tissues safe.

Our dentists, Dr. Robin Khan and Dr. Michelle Falbo-McGowan are excited to help your smile thrive throughout the year. If you need some TLC for your smile, please call us at 402-932-0282. Dentistry For Health in Omaha, Nebraska, looks forward to seeing you!