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Tired of ill-fitting, loose dentures? Want to avoid slippage or awkward speech? Dentistry for Health has a solution to give you a comfortable set of teeth you can love.

Now you can replace dentures with a permanent set of teeth and look decades younger! These are not your grandma’s dentures; an ideal denture alternative, teeth secured by dental implants are beautiful, comfortable and can last a lifetime.

Whether you need to replace a lower set of teeth, upper or both, Dr. Khan can get you smiling again in just one visit. With Smile Today®, you’ll never have to remove teeth again.

Read the advantages of Teeth-in-a-Day or Smile Today® to replace missing teeth as a non-removable option.

All-on-4 Dentures

Are Removable Dentures an Option?

When multiple teeth are missing or lost, a removable appliance may also be a good option for replacing the areas of missing teeth. These appliances are made to closely adapt and fit around the patient’s remaining teeth and gums. Removable partials are appliances that are comprised of denture teeth set in a gingival or gum-colored material stabilized by either a metal framework set in acrylic, or a nylon based material that does not require a metal framework. Removable partials are stabilized by the existing teeth and rely on closely adapting and resting on the tissues of the areas where teeth are missing.

What Do Partial Dentures Do?

Partial dentures provide stability and structure to the surrounding teeth, which can shift or super-erupt if no supporting appliance is placed following tooth loss. If you are interested in a partial denture, talk to us about our different options. We’ll help you find the option that’s right for you.

Example of a partial denture seated on a dental cast:
Photo of a denture on a cast

Example of a partial denture with a metal framework:
Photo of removable denture

Implant-supported dentures will provide the best option to function as closely to having natural teeth as they possibly can. Call us to discuss the possibilities for you at (402) 932-0282.