Welcome to your dentist in Omaha, Nebraska, where your total dental health becomes our goal. We will treat you like family and put your desires and needs at the top of our priority list. We recognize every patient has different goals and objectives, so clear and open communication is important to us as it allows us to address all your concerns effectively. Expect a smile and a friendly face when you come into our office… every time… every day. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive services, including treatment of complex dental and oral problems, such as midline defects like a lip tie, tongue tie with nursing and a poor latch with breastfeeding, frenotomy, frenuloplasty, MTHFR mutations, tethered tissue and ankyloglossia (or tongue tie) treatment. We are also a HealthyStart™ treatment provider, as this addresses your child’s health issues while straightening their teeth. We look forward to giving you a healthy and beautiful mouth. It is the gateway to your body and the highlight of your smile.

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At Dentistry For Health, our goal is to give our patients not only the best dental care in Omaha, Nebraska, but the most affordable. With our in-office discount membership plan, we offer patient discounts that include 100% coverage of these services:
  • Comprehensive periodic exam
  • Limited emergency exam (1 per benefit year)
  • Intraoral periapicals (single X-ray, 1 per benefit year)
  • Bitewing X-rays (1 per benefit year)
  • Prophylaxis (routine cleaning – 2 per benefit year)
To learn more about our discount plan, please get in touch with us.
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